Community Infrastructure Levy

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)? 

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a one-off payment that must be paid before a building permit can be issued, as specified in the Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Building Act 1993. 

The CIL is payable by a property owner to fund local infrastructure that is required to meet the future needs of their community.  Each growth area precinct has different infrastructure needs, and therefore a unique list of infrastructure requirements. The infrastructure that the CIL payments are allocated towards is set out in the Development Contributions Plan (DCP) for that growth area, or precinct. This DCP is an incorporated document in the Melton Planning Scheme.

Note: A development levy is also paid by the developer to fund roads, drainage and park improvements. This development levy should not be confused with the CIL.

How can I pay?

You can pay the levy by completing the Community Infrastructure Levy payment form(PDF, 597KB) and lodging it in one of the following methods:

  • In person: at Council’s Melton or Caroline Springs Civic Centres
  • Email: 
  • Mail: Melton City Council, PO Box 21 Melton Vic 3337 (Cheques to be made out to Melton City Council) 

How much do I need to pay?

The levy fee varies for different DCP areas,  to find out whether your estate requires payment and how much, check if your housing estate is listed below:





 Diggers Rest  $1,150  Alexander Park  Diggers Rest
   $1,150  Bloomdale  Diggers Rest
   $1,150  Sovereign Rose  Diggers Rest
   $1,150  St. Genevieve  Diggers Rest
 Melton North  $1,150  Pennyroyal  Kurunjang
   $1,150  Willandra  Harkness
 Paynes Road  $900  Thornhill Park  Thornhill Park
   $900  Rockdale  Thornhill Park
 Rockbank  $1,150  Accolade  Rockbank
   $1,150  Bridgefield  Rockbank
   $1,150  Hillgrove  Rockbank
   $1,150  Serenity  Rockbank
 Rockbank North  $900  Woodlea*  Aintree
 Taylors Hill West  $1,150  Aria  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Aspire  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Auburn  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Encore  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Infinity  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Orbis Green  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  Sienna Fraser Rise 
   $1,150  Springlands  Fraser Rise
   $1,150  The Point  Fraser Rise
 Toolern  $900  Ambervue  Cobblebank
   $900  Atherstone  Cobblebank
   $900  Diamond Rise  Cobblebank
   $900  Exford Waters  Strathtulloh
   $900  Lotus Weir Views
   $900  Middle Park  Strathtulloh
   $900  Millstone  Strathtulloh
  $900   Park Edge Strathtulloh
   $900  Robinsons Rise Cobblebank
   $900  Settlers Creek  Cobblebank
   $900  Seventh Bend  Weir Views
   $900  Stone Ridge  Cobblebank
   $900  Toolern Central  Weir Views
   $900  Toolern Waters  Weir Views
  $900   Waterford  Weir Views
   $900  Wilton Fields  Strathtulloh

*Confirmation that the CIL has been paid by the developer of Woodlea is provided in the document below.  If your property is not listed please contact the Planning Department for further information.

CIL Confirmation Letter - Woodlea Stages 1-35 & 37-39(PDF, 165KB)


Note: Your estate may not be listed above, please contact Council's Planning Services team on 03 9747 7200 for further information about the CIL