Landscape Guidelines

Melton City Council is committed to improving the standard of new developments within its municipality. The continuing high rate of urban growth provides an opportunity for Council to work with developers to ensure unified, attractive and sustainable parks, streetscapes and public outdoor areas are delivered with new developments. High standard landscapes can add value to existing areas and new subdivisions, and play a role in increasing civic pride, local identity and community ownership over the public domain.

This provision of open space and associated infrastructure in an area is determined by Precinct Structure Plans in growth areas, and by the Melton Planning Scheme, supported by the City of Melton Open Space strategy for existing areas. These documents will provide the context for new developments and should be considered in conjunction with these Guidelines.

The landscape guidelines document clarifies Council’s minimum requirements for landscaping standards in residential, commercial and industrial developments, and will assist all parties to:

  • meet Council’s documentation requirements;
  • understand site conditions and gain the most from your land;
  • consider context to create an informed and successful landscape; and
  • achieve a high standard of landscape design.

Adherence to these Guidelines does not exempt the developer from meeting the requirements of the relevant environment, access and safety legislation.