Planning Forms, Checklist and Fees

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  • before submitting the following applications online you will need to register.  Once you have registered you can Login and complete your application (please do not email or post a copy of your application if submitting online)
  • if your property has titled within the last seven days,  you may be unable to lodge your application. 




Melton Planning Permit Checklist

If you propose to use or develop land or change the existing use of a property, you should discuss your proposal in detail with the Planning Department. Early discussion will confirm whether permits are necessary and, if so, what kinds of permits may be required. Please use this checklist when submitting a planning application.

 Melton Planning Permit Checklist(DOC, 184KB)


Fees for Planning Permits and other Planning Services

Fees are to be paid at the time of lodging your application and are not refundable if your application is not supported. The application fees are determined by either the cost of the development (indicated on the application form) or the use of the land.

Please note additional administration fees are applicable for advertising an application and for further approvals following the issue of a permit (i.e. amended plans).

List of Fees(PDF, 629KB)