Domestic animal business registration

The Domestic Animal Business Permit is an annual permit that expires 10 April each year.

Under section 45 of the Domestic Animal Act 1994 it is an offence to conduct a domestic animal business on an unregistered premises and heavy penalties apply.

Apply for Domestic Animal Business Registration online.

In Victoria, the Domestic Animals Act 1994 defines Domestic Animal Businesses as any of the following:

  • A Council pound (operated by Council or a contractor on behalf of Council)
  • A dog and/or cat breeding business - where there are three or more fertile females and animals are sold (whether a profit is made or not), and the proprietor is not a member of an Applicable Organisation. If the proprietor is a member of an Applicable Organisation, they are exempt from registering as a breeding Domestic Animal Business if they have less than 10 fertile female animals AND no more than 2 are not registered with an Applicable Organisation.
  • A dog training establishment (where the business is run for profit)
  • A pet shop (operated in a permanent location that must be open at least 5 days per week)
  • An animal shelter (e.g. welfare organisations such as RSPCA and The Lost Dogs' Home
  • An establishment boarding dogs and cats (where the business is run for profit to provide overnight, daycare or homecare boarding)

All domestic animal businesses must be registered annually and comply with the appropriate mandatory Code of Practice. Council will often require an inspection of the facilities prior to registration each year. Council is required to report the number of domestic animal businesses registered with them to the department on an annual basis.