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This page features the latest workshops and events from our Art for Kids program.
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Upcoming Workshops and Events 

NGV Kids on Tour
NGV Kids on Tour

Let’s Make Art these Summer School Holidays with Melton Arts & Culture’s NGV Kids programs!

NGV Kids on Tour offers children and families throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria the opportunity to engage with art and creativity through a range of free hands-on activities, games and workshops developed by the NGV.

The theme for this year’s program is ‘Let’s Make Art!’ The program shares activities from the NGV children’s exhibition and book of the same name Making Art: Imagine Everything Is Real which ran from June to October 2022. 

Check out what we have planned for CS Gallery and Melton Library & Learning Hub this summer. All activities have been specifically selected to compliment current Melton Arts & Culture exhibition programming.

Melton Library and Learning Hub

Make a Creature (ages 4-8 years)
Make a Creature

Create an exquisite corpse drawing inspired by Surrealist artist Remedios Varo! To create an exquisite corpse, children will take turns to draw sections of a body on a sheet of paper. Children will create their own surreal creatures using their collage and drawing skills!

Tuesday 10 January 2023 11am to 12:30pm | Melton Library and Learning Hub

Create a Portrait with Archer Davies (ages 8-12 years)
Create a Portrait

Drawing on techniques used by Melbourne-based artist Archer Davis, children will learn different portraiture styles to draw a subject’s face from life.

Thursday 12 January 2023 11am to 12:30pm | Melton Library and Learning Hub

Image Caption Top Right: Illustrations prepared for Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real, 2022. Image by Cally Bennett.  
Image Caption Bottom Right: A teen draws a portrait in a workshop with artist Archer Davies. Image by Tobias Titz

CS Gallery

Make a Collage (ages 4-8 years)
Make a Collage

Inspired by surrealists and the works in our current CS Gallery exhibition Wonderful-strong, children will experiment with colour and shape and cut and paste to make a colourful collage.

Tuesday 17 January 2023 11am to 12:30pm | CS Gallery

Character Design with Rubii Red (ages 8-12 years)
Character Design with Rubii Red

Children can learn the basics of character design and create the character of their dreams in this workshop devised by Melbourne- based artist Rubii Red, a proud Lama Lama woman from Cape York, Queensland. This workshop is a must for any children interested in Anime and comic books and are wanting to learn more about portraiture, abstract line work, character design and fan-art.

Thursday 19 January 2023 11am to 12:30pm | CS Gallery

Image Caption Top Right: Children use the Make a Collage activity to create collages. Photography by Tim Caraffa
Image Caption Bottom Right: A teen designs a character in a workshop with artist Rubii Red. Photo by Tim O’Connor

Parent supervision is required.

NGV Logo

NGV Kids on Tour is an initiative of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). To learn more about NGV Kids visit NGV Kids | NGV

Image Caption: Children use the Make a Collage activity to create collages. Photography by Tim Caraffa.
Wonderful-strong Exhibition Opening Event
Fashionista by Maxine Beneba Clarke

Join us for the exhibition opening of Wonderful-strong by award winning artist and author Maxine Beneba Clarke.

Held at CS Gallery, this event will include an afternoon of interactive and drop-in family friendly arts activities designed by Maxine and will draw on the exhibition themes of the Black Lives Matter movement, joyful freedom of expression in Black and inclusive fashion, and celebration of black identities.

This event will follow a special Storytime with Maxine in CS Library at 12:30pm, for children (ages 3-6) to hear Maxine reading one of her own books.

Wednesday 18 January | 1:30pm - 3:30pm | CS Gallery

Image Credit: MAXINE BENEBA CLARKE Fashionista Page 12, 2018 | Published by Hachette Australia Watercolour pencil and magazine collage on textured cardstock 22.8cm x 30.6cm Courtesy of the artist.

Online Workshops and Resources 

Draw a Vegetable Character

Event: Draw a Vegetable Character, by Grace Fraraccio

About: Grace Fraraccio, the artist behind our current online exhibition Vegetable Soup and Friends will guide you to observe everyday food items, and turn then into imaginary characters!

What you will need: This fun drawing workshop will require pencils, markers, paper and a selection of veggies from the fridge.

Join this fun drawing workshop on YouTube

Suitable for ages 8-18 years.

Natural Ink Making Workshop

Event: Natural Ink Making Workshop by Chaco Kato

About: Learn to make natural ink at home using ingredients from your kitchen and garden with Chaco Kato!  You can use spices such as turmeric, paprika and also vegetables such as spinach and beetroot.  The fun step by step guide will show children and adults the natural way to create and make art at home by using simple kitchen ingredients.

What you will need: Spinach or green leaf, carrots, spices, beetroot or frozen berries, tea bags, scissors, spoon/fork, grinder, paper, small paper plates, plastic cups, containers, flour, brush.

Join this fun natural ink making workshop on YouTube 

Suitable for ages 4-10 years.

Make a Pizza Shop Playset

Event: Make a Pizza Shop Playset with Kitiya Palaskas

About: Craft-based designer Kitiya Palaskas will show you how to use old boxes, coloured paper and other supplies to create your very own pizza delivery shop!

What you will need: Cardboard from old boxes, coloured paper, coloured tissue paper, glue

Join this fun Pizza Shop Playset workshop on YouTube

Suitable for ages 5-12 years.