Lost pets

Lost Pets Register

Melton Animal Pound

Found a Stray

Call the Council Ranger on 9747 7200.

Afterhours Rangers are available for stray contained dog pickups from 5pm-10pm Weeknights,  8.30am and 10.00pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Lost your pet

  • do not wait for your pet to come back
    It may be impounded, injured or in someone else’s backyard
  • check places you regularly visit
    It could be hanging around the park, local shopping centres or schools
  • contact Council as soon as possible
    Complete the lost pet form
    Check the online Lost Pet Register to see if it has been impounded
  • notify neighbouring councils (see contact details below)
  • if you have moved recently, it may return to your old house
  • check other animal shelters and with local vets
  • advertise
    Use the local paper, social media or the radio
    Put up notices on shopping centre noticeboards or put slips of paper in letterboxes
    Give a description of the dog, your name, address and telephone number
    Offer a reward
  • look for your dog around sunrise
    They are more active at this time
  • look for several weeks
    Sometimes people find a stray and do not report it immediately
  • if the dog is a pedigree, contact the breed club
    A list of breed clubs is available through the Victorian Canine Association
  • make sure your registration and microchip information is up to date
    Contact the National Pet Register to ensure your details are correct

 Contact the following external agencies and surrounding councils if you have lost your pet:

Brimbank City Council  9249 4000 
Hume City Council 9205 2200
 Lort Smith Animal Hospital 9321 7260
 Lost Dogs Home 9329 2755
 Moorabool Shire Council 5366 7100
 Wyndham City Council 9742 0958