Refugee Week

Refugee Week celebrations provide an opportunity for the Australian public to celebrate the immense courage, resilience and valuable contributions people of refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds make to Australian society.

Refugee Week events in 2024

Refugee Week 2024's theme is #Finding Freedom: Family.  This year, we focus on the importance of family during displacement, highlighting the resilience and unity within the refugee experience.  Refugees find solace, support, and belonging through familial bonds, emphasising the vital role families play in times of adversity.

In Melton, refugees have exemplified resilience and courage, contributing to the workforce, achieving success in business, and becoming leaders in society. This year, Melton Council’s Refugee Week celebrations extend throughout the week, featuring various events in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. We aim to engage directly with refugees, asylum seekers, students, and service providers, fostering dialogue and support within the community.

This year’s activities will provide a platform to celebrate refugee resilience and success while addressing important issues.  Join us in celebrating #FindingFreedom: Family during Refugee Week 2024. 

Refugee Week Events 2024

Journeys of Hope: Refugee Narratives Explored Q&A Session
Event Partner:  Melton Library and Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services
Venue:  Melton Library and Learning Hub, 31 McKenzie Street, Melton
Event Date:  Tuesday 18 June
Event time:  11.30am - 1pm
Cost:  Free
Purpose of the event:  Learning about refugee journeys and challenges from the refugees through interview and QA sessions.

Lessons of Resilience Showcase
Event Partner:  Melton Primary School
Venue:  Melton Primary School, Unitt Street, Melton
Event Date:  Wednesday 19 June
Event time:  10am - 12pm
Cost:  Free
Purpose of the event:  Sharing refugee stories with school children and celebrating the inclusion and contribution of the refugees to the City of Melton

Unity in Exodus: Celebrating Family in Finding Freedom Symposium
Event Partner:  Melton Interfaith Network
Venue:  Fraser Rise Community Centre, 46 City Vista Court, Fraser Rise
Event Date:  Thursday 20 June
Event time:  10am - 1pm
Cost:  Free
Purpose of the event:  A symposium to identify current challenges faced by the refugee families and how to address them from a family perspective

For more information email: or call 9747 7200.   

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