Curious about culture

Melton City Council has actively promoted and celebrated our community’s cultural diversity for many years and is continually striving to improve awareness and understanding of the economic, educational, social and cultural benefits of diversity and to mitigate the effects of discrimination and cultural isolation.

The Intercultural Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 1MB) forms the basis of Melton City Council’s commitment and strategy to ensure that our community is best served to meet its diverse needs, and enable the meaningful participation of all its members.

As part of our Intercultural Plan, Melton City Council each year organises a series of community profiles to facilitate a better understanding about different community groups residing in the City of Melton. 

The Community Profile’s are an opportunity for Council staff, external providers and community members to learn from community leaders of culturally diverse communities  on how to engage with them more effectively. 

Through such initiatives we hope to help individuals learn from each other and engage in an ongoing exploration of the historical and cultural contexts via meaningful exchanges of information about each other’s culture. 

Community Profiles

Below is a summary of Community profiles that have been delivered since 2017. Please note the demographics reflect the period of time the Community profile was delivered and is subjected to change with the rapid growth of our municipality.

For most recent data, please refer to Melton City Council’s Profile id webpage.

Watch this space, as there are more Community Profiles to be added. 

Indian Community Profile
Presented by Gary Verma, April 2018
Indian Community(PDF, 619KB)

South Sudanese Community Profile
Presented by Akuot Martin Majier and Robert Ring Aduer, October 2018
Sudanese Community(PDF, 691KB)

Filipino Community Profile 
Presented by Yvette Medina, May 2019
Filipino Community(PDF, 685KB)

Myanmar Community Profile 
Presented by Rallian Rengthlang and Ehsu, October 2019
Mayanmar Community(PDF, 642KB)

Samoan Community Profile
Presented by Manu Tilialo, November 2020
Samoan Community(PDF, 657KB)

Iraqi Community Profile
Presented by Ahmad Al-Shaimari, June 2021
Iraqi Community(PDF, 640KB)

Bangladeshi Community Profile
Presented by Redwanur Rahman and Ezaz Sheikh, February 2022
Bangladeshi Community(PDF, 1MB)

Afghan Community Profile
Presented by Essan Dileri, October 2022
Community Profile Afghan(PDF, 1MB)

Congolese Community Profile
Presented October 2023
Community Profile Congolese(PDF, 2MB)

Bhutan Community Profile
Presented April 2024
Community Profile Bhutan(PDF, 2MB)