Intercultural Plan

Melton City Council has actively promoted and celebrated our community’s cultural diversity for many years and is continually striving to improve awareness and understanding of the economic, educational, social and cultural benefits of diversity and to mitigate the effects of discrimination and cultural isolation. This Intercultural Plan forms the basis of Melton City Council’s commitment and strategy to ensure that our community is best served to meet its diverse needs, and enable the meaningful participation of all its members.

Multiculturalism is a term which describes the cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary Australia which is, and will remain, a multicultural society.

‘Intercultural’ doesn’t only mean recognising and valuing diversity. It focuses on the relationships between different groups – working towards a community where we can freely and safely express ourselves and share our cultures.

To deliver the Intercultural Plan and ensure alignment of outcomes, the plan has four key themes. These themes and their associated initiatives emerged following consultation with community and key stakeholder agencies, and are aligned with the principles of promoting social cohesion through intercultural practice. The four themes guide the associated Action Plan, and complement each other to provide a cohesive approach in achieving a harmonious and inclusive community.

The Intercultural Plan themes are:

  • Embrace Cultural Diversity
  • Strengthen Community Participation
  • Enhance Organisational Responsiveness
  • Support Leadership and Advocacy

An associated Action Plan sets out specific and measurable key actions to provide culturally responsive and inclusive service delivery, increase participation and access to services and resources, and build skills and capacity in the community.