Preschool Field Officer Program

What is the Preschool Field Officer Program?

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program is designed to provide support and professional services to Victorian government funded kindergartens to build their capacity to provide for the access and participation of children with additional needs in inclusive kindergarten programs. The PSFO program helps educators to build their confidence, knowledge and skills to provide an inclusive program that is responsive to the needs of all children.

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program contributes to the provision of a quality kindergarten program that is able to meet the diverse needs of all children.

PSFOs provide a range of supports including: information, resources, program strategies, contributing to the educator’ identification of a child’s additional needs, coaching of the educator, modelling specific strategies and identification of referral pathways.

Who can use the Preschool Field Officer Program?

All Victorian state funded kindergarten services are eligible to receive PSFO services.

Children with additional needs attending a government funded kindergarten program are the target group for PSFOs.

The target group is also inclusive of children in receipt of Early Start Kindergarten funding who are attending a three-year-old kindergarten program delivered by a degree qualified early childhood educator.

Referral to Preschool Field Officer Program

Parents/guardians/carers are encouraged to discuss any concerns about the child with their Kindergarten teacher in the first instance.

Families can make direct contact with PSFO program. Where a parent/guardian/carer directly contacts the PSFO program, the PSFO will liaise with the relevant kindergarten educator/teacher to progress the referral.

Where a kindergarten seeks the PSFO service in relation to a child, the early childhood educator is required to obtain informed consent from parents/guardians/carers for PSFO involvement with their child, prior to requesting PSFO assistance.

Referral to Preschool Field Officer(DOCX, 207KB)

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost to the kindergarten program or families for the PSFO service and it is accessible within the universal service system.


Observations and interactions with children are discreet and respect the child and families' privacy. All case notes and information is gathered and stored according to the principles contained within the Privacy Act and Melton City Council regarding confidentiality & disclosure guidelines.

More information

Parents or guardians and teachers can contact the Preschool Field Officer on 9747 7200 & 0412 793 620 or email