African Communities Working Group (ACWG)

The City of Melton is made up of a community of many cultural groups, each with unique identities bringing a wealth of culture and history as they contribute to the growth, strength and diversity of the community. 

Melton City Council established the African Communities Working Group (ACWG). The ACWG is representative of African communities living in the municipality and works together to support the City of Melton to be inclusive of all people, valuing and acknowledging the contribution of cultural diversity and the specific role of African communities within the municipality.

The ACWG is responsible to:

  • Advise Intercultural Advisory Committee (IAC) and Council on issues and barriers that affect people from African backgrounds who are either living, working, recreating and/or learning in the City of Melton
  • Receive and comment on reports relating to Council’s progress in implementing specific strategies to increase inclusion by African communities in Council facilities, programs and activities.
  • Co-design initiatives in partnership with Council to increase community participation in addressing their highlighted aspirations and challenges discussed in the ACWG meetings.

If you would like to provide feedback, comments or seek further information on matters related to diverse communities, please email or call our Intercultural Project Officer on 9747 7200.