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5 reasons to invest in the City of Melton

The City of Melton is one of the most vibrant and dynamic growth areas in the heart of Melbourne's west, and boasts Victoria's fastest growing economy over the past 10 years.

Sitting in an enviable location, featuring a mix of small, medium and large businesses, with seamless connectivity and unrivalled opportunity to develop your operations; the City of Melton holds the solution to your investment needs.

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1. People & Workforce

As one of Australia's fastest growing municipalities, the City of Melton offers a unique mix of urban and rural lifestyles. The residential population that has grown from 52,029 to around 154,257 in under 20 years, and is expected to reach 374,700 residents by 2041.

With more than 80 percent of residents travelling outside the municipality each day for work, it leaves a highly skilled labour force searching for gainful employment closer to home.

Council maintains collaborative partnerships with locally based recruitment and training organisations - including Western BACE, Job Actives and various other registered training organisations - and will happily connect companies looking to build their workforce.

The main industries in the City of Melton employing the greatest number of people are: 

  • Construction and Trade
  • Retail
  • Education & Training
  • Healthcare and Social Services
  • Accommodation and Food Services

2. Connectivity

The Cit of Melton's newest industrial estates, Truganina and Ravenhall are located at the east end of the City, just 20km - or as little as 17 minutes - from Melbourne's CBD. Large-scale industrial and commercial land options around Cobblebank and Melton are located a further 10 minutes away, via the Western Freeway.

The new Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) has been earmarked for Truganina, and is the backbone of the State Government's freight plan ensuring Victorian freight and logistics systems meet the needs of a growing population and economy. It is anticipated the facility will have the capacity to house 3.6km-long trains of double stacked containers, and link in with the National Inland Rail Project. It is expected to be operational by 2050.

The City of Melton is central to the planned route of the State Government's proposed Outer Melbourne Ring road (OMR). When built, the OMR will provide new major rail and road links, and seamlessly connect the City of Melton with the Princes Freeway in Melbourne's south west, all the way to key industrial hubs and the Hume Freeway in Melbourne's north, and further beyond to Sydney and the entire Australian Eastern Seaboard.

On it's way: The State Government has invested $518 million to duplicate the rail line up to Melton. This means new train stations and station upgrades by 2020.

3. Strategic Planning

The Precinct Structure Plans, developed in partnership between State Government, Melton City Council, landholders and other key stakeholders extended Melbourne's Urban Growth Boundary in 2010, adding 11,300 hectares of land rezoned for residential and commercial development.


The Toolern precinct in Cobblebank - soon to be home to around 55,000 people - has a $15 billion investment potential. It will be the epicentre of future major health, higher education, commercial, corporate and government development in Melbourne's West.

The Toolern precinct will include:

  • A Metropolitan Activity Centre incorporating retail, commercial and civic space
  • A new railway station on the Ballarat line
  • 1,500 hectares of residential land and 420 hectares of commercial land
  • A 131-hectare regional park incorporating formal and informal recreation opportunities
  • 20,000 new jobs

Mt Atkinson

The Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Precinct Structure Plans approved by the State Government opened up fresh commercial and industrial land for future development. With proximity to key logistics infrastructure, this industrial precinct promises to be a popular investment location among logistics, manufacturing and transport businesses.

4. Unrivalled Opportunities

According to the 2018 Victorian-Auditor General's Office report into local government and economic development, the City of Melton has been Victoria's fastest growing economy for over a decade, with an almost 70 percent rise in Gross Regional Profit (GRP) between 2007 and 2016.

The City of Melton's generously sized parcels of available land offer abundant opportunities for businesses to establish and grow their operations, with more than 1,200 hectares of vacant greenfield land set aside specifically for commercial and industrial development.

Established Key Business Precincts:

Truganina and Ravenhall

Melton South and Cobblebank

Caroline Springs Business District

This medium-density business district is continuing to attract new investment and improved amenities.

Western BACE

The Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence is a state-of-the-art business centre incubator in Cobblebank that provides work spaces to support emerging businesses, as well as technological and training facilities. It also houses research and development that supports employment growth in the City.

5. Business Mix


Construction accounts for $1.6 billion or more than 23 percent of the total output in the City of Melton's economy.

  • Varcon Group - Caroline Springs
    Varcon Group is a construction firm with a head office in Caroline Springs. It has over the years successfully carved out three distinctive niches delivering premium quality building projects to discerning customers. These include high-end luxury homes, economical community assets and factories, and functional commercial/residential high density complexes.


Retail is the second largest sector for employment in the City of Melton, making up 5.7 percent - or $379 million - of the total gross revenue for the municipality.

  • QIC Group, Woodgrove Shopping Centre - Melton
    With over 160 specialty stores including fashion, homewares, fresh produce, dining and cinemas, Woodgrove Shopping Centre is the focus of retail in the City of Melton. Since its $150 million expansion in late 2013, and increased public transport links, Woodgrove Shopping Centre has become a hub for a range of health, community, and recreational activity.

Transport, postal and warehousing

The sector contributes $397 million or 5.7 percent of the total output to the City's regional economy. It is also third in regional exports and fourth in employment, regional imports and local expenditure.

  • CEVA Logistics - Truganina
    CEVA Logistics is the world's fourth-largest logistics company with over 420,000 supply chain professionals employed world-wide. When looking to expand and consolidate its Melbourne operations, CEVA invested $80 million to build one of the biggest single-span sheds in the southern hemisphere here in the City of Melton.

Education and training

This sector accounts for $388 million or 5.6 percent of total output. The sector is the fourth-largest employer in the City of Melton.

  • UNESCO Certification
    Melton City Council was awarded status as a member of the UNESCO's Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) in 2015. The municipality is internationally recognised as a leading city in lifelong learning and the only City in Australia to be awarded membership to the UNESCO GNLC.


The wholesale sector contributes $326 million or 4.7 percent of total output. It is the fifth-highest sector in the City of Melton for regional exports and local expenditure.

  • Abey Australia - Cobblebank
    For more than 56 years, Abey Australia has been brought quality tapware and bathroom designs and technology to Australia. With the head office and warehouse located in Cobblebank, Abey has become a feature of the City of Melton business community, having won awards for business excellence and employing a strong cohort of skilled local workers.

Healthcare and social assistance

Healthcare and social assistance is the ninth-largest sector overall, with $307 million or 4.45 percent of total output. It is also fourth in employment and fifth in value adding.

  • Melton Health and Community Services Facility
    The $21 million Melton Health and Community Services Facility on Barries Road, Melton was opened in 2018. The facility will be home to Djerriwarrh Health Services and other important health service providers. It will help to anchor the Melton Health Precinct in a prime location, adjacent to the Woodgrove Shopping Centre.




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