The Hot House Project


The Hot House Project: Season 1 was completed in June 2019. The project helped support 44 participants through a range of training programs and events and feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

See a short video on the Hot House Project.

Transcript: Hot House Project - Melton City Council video

The Hot House Project: Season 2 

If you would like to be involved in the Hot House Project: Season 2 you can now register your interest.

You may have identified a gap in the market, have an idea that could improve an existing service or product, or you may have had a stroke of brilliance that you think could be commercialised.

If this sounds like you, sign up now.

No matter how out there your idea may be, if any of this sounds like you, the Hot House Project: Season 2 is your opportunity to receive training, mentoring and inspiration that will help you transform your idea into a new business startup.

The Hot House Project will provide the following opportunities:

  • a series of 9 x Startup Master Classes
  • mentoring
  • networking
  • special events

You've got the HOT idea.  What next?

If you have an idea you'd like to develop, the process to get involved is:

  1. Register your interest by signing up to the Hot House Mailing List.
  2. Book a one-on-one time with a Startup Expert (Note: once registered to the mailing list you will receive an invitation to book a 10 minute one-on-one time with a startup expert at our 'Warm-up' events November 2019.  This is your chance to share your idea with an expert, who will provide you with some feedback and advice).
  3. Await your feedback to see whether your idea is suitable for the Hot House Project.
  4. If your idea is suitable for the Hot House Project you will be invited to a welcome event in December (Note: if your idea isn't suitable for the Hot House Project, you will receive some other useful feedback and recommendations for developing your idea).
  5. The Masterclass program will commence in February 2020.

The project is being delivered by Melton City Council.

If you feel your situation might not be suited to the Hot House Project, our Economic Development & Tourism team provides a broad range of business support services to suit every need.

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