The Hot House Project


Do you have a "hot" idea for a new business?

The Hot House Project is nine weeks of intensive training by highly experienced and qualified mentors followed by on-going development and support from Council to help you accelerate the process of developing a business idea into a sustainable model… before you invest any funds!

You may have identified a gap in the market, have an idea that could improve an existing service or product, or you may have had a stroke of brilliance that you think could be commercialised.  No matter how out there your idea may be, if any of this sounds like you, The Hot House Project is your opportunity to receive training, mentoring and inspiration that will help you transform your idea into a new business start-up.

This program is held once per year and is fully funded by Melton City Council for participants who qualify.

Expressions of interest for Season 4 are now open! You can register your details to be placed on the Hot House Project notification list.
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Who should join The Hot House Project?

This program is suitable for anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s for those who are on the career change journey as well as small business owners looking to future proof their business. The delivery of The Hot House Project is in a style that is relatable to all regardless of education level, age and cultural background.

What opportunities will The Hot House Project offer?

This program is about testing your business idea theory and setting up a strong business development practice.  It will also connect you to the growing Hot House start up and Venture Melton Business Network community to ensure you build business momentum as soon as possible. Mentoring, learning and development opportunities will be at your fingertips well beyond the 9 master class sessions.

In a nutshell:

  • 9 Master Classes sessions incorporating on-line and in person meet ups.  Full program provided on registration.
  • Test the viability of your business idea before committing any cash outlay.
  • Personal mentoring support during the program and on-going business mentoring through the Venture Melton Business Network
  • Share experiences, receive feedback, grow your connections with a local start-up business community.
  • Free access to the Venture Melton Business network for continued growth and development opportunities.
  • Local business partner support to assist in setting up the business.
  • Discounted access to special events.
  • Access to The Hot House Project exclusive GROW Club!  More details coming soon.

Connect with The Project

Stay up to date with the latest developments and news on the project via our Facebook page: The Hot House Project

Contact the Venture Melton team at Melton City Council for further information:

The Project so far

The Hot House Project has recently completed its third highly successful season. 94 participants have completed the project so far, many well on their way in running their business (idea).

The Hot House community continues to support and grow business collaborations with one another. Hot House participants are very well connected with Council teams, updates and on-going opportunities. Hot House participants continue to grow and excel through the Venture Melton Business Network!



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