Advertising Signage Design Guidelines

The City of Melton Advertising Signage Design Guidelines(DOCX, 968KB)  were adopted by Council on 18 September 2017. 

The Guidelines apply to all planning permit applications for signage in the Melton municipality. 

Advertising signs are important to identify, communicate and market businesses, institutions and buildings across the municipality.  

Advertising signs have a significant impact on the public realm and the quality of the streetscape and the building with which they are visually associated.  Well integrated signage in appropriate locations can add colour, vibrancy and interest to an area.  A proliferation of signs and poorly designed and located signs can significantly detract from the attractiveness and amenity of the City’s urban and rural environments and gateways, including reducing the effectiveness of signs. 

The Guidelines provide guidance on the design, siting and size of advertising signage and will be used by Council's Planning Department as part of its assessment of planning permit applications for advertising signage.

To determine whether a planning permit is required for an advertising sign, contact our Planning Services Department on 9747 7200.

Implementing the Guidelines – Amendment C188

Council is currently preparing an amendment to implement the Guidelines into the Melton Planning Scheme.

For more information about the Guidelines or Amendment C188 please contact Council’s City Strategy Team on 9747 7200 or email