Dogs bark, and it is acceptable every now and then. It becomes a nuisance when they seem to bark at nothing, or everything, all the time. Nuisance barking can be a problem for the whole neighbourhood.

Remember, your neighbours might not even know their dog is barking if it happens mostly when they are away.

Solutions for Owners

  • walk your dog at least once a day

Walking your dog is the most important thing you can do for them. A large backyard does not mean more exercise for your dog, and a well-exercised dog means a tired dog that will not bark away their pent-up energy.

  • control the dog's environment

If your dog barks when people walk by you should first try to block their view. Also, put their bedding and toys in a quiet part of the yard to encourage them to stay away from the busy street. Toys keep your dog busy - things to play and chew will keep the dog occupied while the owner and or family is away.

  • go to obedience classes

Your dog can be trained to limit their barking or sometimes stop it all together. Find a good obedience course and practise what you learn. This is also a good way to keep your dog from getting bored, and it will help them bond with you.

  • go to the vet

It is possible there is a medical reason for your dog's behaviour.                              

Solutions for Neighbours

Talk to your neighbours
They may not be aware of any problems if their dog is barking when they are out. People generally appreciate their neighbours notifying them, allowing time to act and improve the situation before officially reporting the nuisance to Council.

The Barking Dog Kit(DOCX, 1MB) has a letter for your neighbours and information on your rights and how Council can help. For more information contact us on 9747 7200.