Owner responsibilities

Responsible dog ownership means meeting the health and welfare needs of your dog, and ensuring your dog’s activities do not interfere with the neighbours or the environment. Most problems can be prevented by following a few simple steps:

Register and microchip your dog

Registering your dog with Council is mandatory and greatly improves the chance they will be returned to you if they gets lost.

Pet registration

Train your dog

Being a responsible dog owner means training your dog not to bark unnecessarily, to walk comfortably on a leash, and to be well mannered in public.

It is important to give your dog exercise and training every day so it will develop good manners and behaviours, and it is a great idea to take your dog to obedience training.

Confine your dog

Under Victorian law, all dog owners must securely confine dogs to their property. This means your yard must have a closed gate and an escape-proof fence. This will protect your dog from traffic, fights, and getting lost. It also protects the community from dog attacks. If your dog has escaped from your control or enclosure, call the pound to see if they have found it on 9747 7200 or view the Lost pet register.

Desex your dog

Council offers a reduced registration fee for desexed dogs. Desexing is better for their health and temperament and means fewer unwanted puppies and therefore fewer strays and abandoned animals. Make sure any pets you buy or adopt are de-sexed before taking them home.

A desexed dog:

  • is less likely to develop certain types of cancers
  • usually stays closer to home
  • is less likely to fight
  • has fewer behaviour problems
  • will not have an accidental pregnancy.

Clean up after your dog

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to clean up after them outside of your property. Any mess made on public land or in someone else's yard may result in a fine.

For more details on dog owner responsibilities refer to: