Interfaith/Intercultural calendar

Melton City Council provides different platforms where individuals and community groups from diverse backgrounds can learn more about the value, beliefs and traditions of their neighbour, and also be supported to educate other residents about their own culture. These platforms will promote further understanding and connection in the community.

2024 Interfaith / Intercultural Calendar

The City of Melton is dedicated to creating an inclusive city where everyone, regardless of their background, feel a sense of belonging value.  This year's calendar is centred around significant cultural and religious dates throughout the year.  Serving as a guide for the community, the calendar facilitates a better understanding, acknowledgment, and respect for the holidays of friends, neighbours, employees, and co-workers.  The intention is to promote a shared cultural awareness that contributes to the creation of a more cohesive and supportive community where everyone feels at home.  The calendar showcases images of community leaders and events organised by the Council.  These events offer local communities excellent chances for expressing their culture, actively participating in Council activities, and aligning with the Council's overarching vision - A vibrant, safe, and liveable City accessible to all.

Download: 2024 Interfaith / Intercultural Calendar(PDF, 2MB)


Please note: The names of certain events may have alternative spellings or be recognised on different dates by groups and individuals within communities. The Calendar focuses on countries' national days, significant multicultural festivals in Australia, and events that are widely celebrated by Australia's major ethnic and religious communities. Please be advised the Calendar is not exhaustive of all events that are celebrated around the world and should be considered a guide only. Calendar users should seek further advice regarding particular events from the communities concerned.