Accessibility for Young People

Access Keys

Access Keys are a customised guide which offers a level of predictability for many groups of people, including those with a disability. Access Keys allow users to navigate themselves around the venue with clear instructions on where things such as toilets are located. They also include details about the following:

  • Travel to the venue
  • Most convenient accessible parking
  • Entry points
  • Layout and amenities
  • Sensory integration
  • Accessibility and safety features
  • Programs, events and services on offer

Access Keys can be used to assist people of all abilities prior to attending our Youth Centres and to help with alleviating anxiety about visiting new places.

Access Keys contain colour photos, supportive text and sensory guides. There is also a text only version formatted for use with assistive technology.

Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre

Melton Youth and Community Centre


Visit out Access Key webpage for more locations.

Social Stories

Social Stories provide a clear explanation or description of a social situation to help prepare individuals about what to expect from a specific experience. They assist young people who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, specific language disorders, social communication difficulties or cognitive delays and disability.

The Melton Youth Centre Social Story provides a clear explanation and description of visiting our centre, so you can know what to expect.

The Melton Youth Holiday Activities (YHA) Social Story provides a clear explanation and description of participating in YHA during the school holidays, so you can know what to expect.

Additional social stories are available, including for our major events.

Communication Boards

Please note that AAA Communication Boards are displayed in the reception area of both Melton Youth Centre and Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre.

A communication board is a resource that displays symbols and illustrations to help people with communication challenges express themselves. It also helps visitors to be active and involved in making choices about the programs and services on offer.

Communication boards can also be found on page five of each Access Key document.

More information

For more information visit Accessible Melton for more information including changing places, recharge points and access keys.
You can also contact Young Communities on 9747 5343 or email: