Get Active, Get Involved

Access for All Abilities is a Victorian Government initiative coordinated by Sport and Recreation Victoria and includes the participation of over 25 State Sport Associations and community organisations.

The AAA program supports and develops inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people with a disability throughout Victoria, and aims to include families, friends, carers, clubs, sporting associations, leisure centres and community groups.

The Victorian Government's Access for All Abilities – First Point of Call Service connects people with a disability in Melbourne to sports and recreation opportunities, acting as an ‘opportunity broker’ or ‘front door’ for people needing assistance in finding the right fit for them or simply seeking information on available sports and recreation options.

Visit the Access for All Abilities - First Point of Call website for more information or call 1800 222 842 to talk to someone about getting active today.


Melton Waves - kickstart program provides lessons for children with autism, communication difficulties, sensory processing difficulties and developmental delay.  Kickstart swimming instructors are provided with training and resources to create a more supportive learning environment for children with specific learning needs and their families.
Visit Melton Waves - Kickstart Swimming Program for more information.


Living Longer Living Stronger - Personalised strength-training program for people 55 years and over.
Visit Melton Waves - Living Longer Living Stronger for more information.


Leisure Services - School holidays are around the corner, so time to start thinking of what activities you would like to do with your children.  Get Activated Stay Motivated for all Abilities is designed for families, inclusive of children with disabilities to try out a range of sports and active games, under one roof.  Children must be supported by Guardians or carers on the day.


Neighbourhood Houses are responsive to the local community, providing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities a place to meet, share and learn together in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Visit our Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres webpage for more information.


The Learning Directory has something for everyone, at any age and skill level.
Visit Melton City Council Learning Directory for more information.