Estate Subdivision Construction

Once the planning permit is issued, detailed design plans have been approved by Council and pre-commencement requirements have been met, then construction may commence.  Please complete the following hold points and applications for bonding of incomplete works during the construction phase.

List hold-points and bonding application documentation.

Civil Construction Hold and Witness Points and Practical Completion

The Hold and Witness Points sheet specifies the construction works to be audited by Council's Construction Supervisor.  Works cannot move beyond the hold points until it is inspected and approved by Council's Construction Supervisor.

Refer to Summarise check list(PDF, 382KB).

When the civil construction works have been completed, a Practical Completion inspection must be requested by completing the Practical Completion Application Form.(DOCX, 800KB)

Civil Bonds - Bonding of incomplete civil works

Civil Bonds - Bonding of incomplete civil works are generally not accepted unless there is an exceptional reason (i.e. not a commercial reason) why the works cannot be completed.

Where Council’s Engineering team accepts the bonding of incomplete civil works, an application must be made to Council’s Infrastructure Planning Coordinator detailing an engineering plan the works propose to be bonded, a cost estimate of the civil works and a date when the civil works will be completed.  Incomplete civil bonds are calculated at 150% of the cost estimate of the incomplete works.  The civil bond can take the form of a Bank Guarantee or Bank Cheque under $50,000 and Bank Guarantee above $50,000. 

The Incomplete Civil Works bond will only be returned after works are completed and after the civil defect liability period letter has been issued.

Landscape Construction Practical Completion

When all works have been completed in accordance with the approved plans, contact must be made with Council’s Landscape Architect to arrange a Practical Completion inspection. Please see the MCC Landscape Construction Practical Completion Checklist(PDF, 199KB).

Landscape Fees and Bonds

Landscape works may be bonded at the discretion of Council subject to it not being the last stage of works. Landscape maintenance bonds must be paid prior to Statement of Compliance.

Documents relating to Landscape Bonds:

Fee and Bond Payment Schedule Template(XLSX, 11KB)

Monitoring of Compliance with CEMP

Throughout construction, the permit holder and their contractor are responsible for monitoring that all works are undertaken in accordance with the endorsed CEMP. Council may undertake inspections at anytime to determine whether the CEMP is being implemented to Council's satisfaction. Council may take enforcement action, if non-compliance is identified by Council.