Environment Plan

The Environment Plan 2017-2027(PDF, 1MB) assists Council to reduce its environmental footprint, and protect and enhance the City of Melton’s natural environment

The purpose of Melton City Council’s Environment Plan is to guide planning, decision-making and activities that impact on the City of Melton’s environment. The Plan provides a framework to address current and future environmental issues facing the municipality and outlines actions to respond to these challenges.

The Plan describes Council’s vision for our future environment as well as principles to help guide decision-making around the themes of Built Environment, Natural Environment and Resource Use. The Plan sets out goals, objectives and actions to address the key issues of climate change, waste, water and biodiversity.

As Council’s first Environment Plan, its focus is on providing a framework to assist Council in managing the environmental impacts of its service delivery and operations. For those issues that fall outside Council’s control, the Plan outlines Council’s role in influencing or advocating for better outcomes.

This Plan will assist Council in creating a sustainable municipality that provides a healthy environment to support a growing population.

If you have any questions on the Environment Plan please contact the Environmental Policy Officer directly at citysupport@melton.vic.gov.au, or on 9747 7200.