Disabled parking permits

There are two types of parking permits for a person with a disability:

  • Category one (blue permit): allows drivers or passengers who have an acute or chronic illness or have significant intellectual or ambulatory disabilities to park a vehicle in a bay reserved for disabled motorists, or to park in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time.
  • Category two (green permit): allows drivers or passengers who require rest breaks when walking to park a vehicle in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time. However they are not permitted to park in signed areas marked 'disabled persons' parking bays.

You must give authority for your medical practitioner or specialist to release your medical information. Council only issues disabled parking permits to City of Melton residents.

Disabled Persons Parking Permit Application(DOCX, 707KB)

For more information, call us on 9747 7200.

Permits for Organisations

For an organisation to be eligible for a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit they must be recognised by a Council as providing a transport service for people with significant ambulatory or intellectual disabilities. An organisation providing transport for people with disabilities on an occasional basis (i.e. for a day or weekend trip) will be eligible for a trip specific permit. An organisation may hold more than one permit but must justify in writing to the Council the number of permits required or any increase in the number of permits required.

Parking permit application form for organisations(DOCX, 704KB)

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Permits

You can still use your Disabled Parking Permit if it is damaged, as long as the permit number and expiry date are still readable. If you need a replacement permit, bring the damaged one to one of our Customer Service Centres. If your Disabled Parking Permit is lost or stolen you must complete a Statutory Declaration for Council to issue a replacement.