Whether you’re looking for unique blend of contemporary urban experiences, tantalising diverse culinary treats, latest fashion trends, eclectic bargains, that something special, or just a little bit of fun, we’ve got it all at Melton Town Centre.

The Melton Town Centre video series has been developed to showcase what we have to offer in Melton Town Centre, celebrating our people and points of difference. 

When we support local, every member of the community gets to enjoy the benefits now and in the future.  Spending locally keeps small business going, people employed and local communities thriving.

While the video series features several of Melton Town Centre’s small businesses, it seeks to celebrate all those small businesses which call Melton Town Centre home, as well as the experiences that make it unique.

Melton Town Centre is one of the City’s oldest shopping precincts dating back 150 years. There are currently over 200 businesses providing hospitality, retail and speciality services.

This campaign has been made possible with the support of the Melton Suburban Revitalisation Board and funding from the Victorian Government.

Cafes and Restaurants

Innovative cuisine

With diverse culinary delights inspired with family connections from all parts of the world, Melton Town Centre is ready to revitalise your senses and feed your soul.



Discover a place for everyone

At Melton Town Centre it’s all about family, friends and the places we love. 


A picture of family fun

Bring the kids and make the most of a day out, just around the corner from home.  Complemented by a wide range of family friendly dining venues, attractions, retailers, services and lively outdoor spaces peppered with school holiday fun, there’s something for all ages and abilities in Melton Town Centre.


Food and grocery

Looking for some meal inspiration for the week ahead? 

Day to day and hard to find grocery items to inspire any style of cooking are an easy fix at Melton Town Centre.  



Bring a little Zen back into your life

For the ultimate in luxurious relaxation, book in some precious me time to relax and unwind close to home.  Your wellness is important and worth going to town for. 



Find your retail vibe

Browse a variety of speciality supermarkets, stylish boutiques, and regional shopping centres to uncover the latest trends, eclectic bargains, or locally made treasures, all while being welcomed by genuine hospitality from passionate retailers. 



Get to know the right people

Knowing the right people to see or having the right number to call when you need something special done like a repair on your favourite shoes, giving your pooch pal some pampering, freshening up you’re after five outfit for a special occasion or learning a new instrument, it’s all here in Melton Town Centre.



Eating at home tonight?

When you can’t make it to the table, call on your local takeaway scene to serve up a delicious range of at-home offerings.  Options abound in Melton Town Centre where the food is made with love and the hard work done for you.