Wolfpack Basketball Club Vic Inc


Club History

Wolfpack Community, began in 2013 with a single team created for a group of young kids to participate in a local sport with their friends, Wolfpack was born and quickly grew to 2 teams then 4 over the next few years ran by local mums and dads. In 2015 the club grew to 7 teams and had its first taste of success with 3 teams making grand finals for the first time. An emotional time for the foundation president Joe Murphy to pass the club on to the new committee.

My name is Christian Ferris President of the newest & fastest growing club in the association, We have a fantastic committee to ensure the future of the Wolfpack. The committee looking forward to working with everyone in the coming seasons to ensure we can put together a stronger than ever club, where everyone is welcome and the kids can have a lot of fun mixed with a little success.

We have a great group of coaches whom volunteer their time to help develop our children into team players and shape their skills for wherever there lives take them in the future. We will strive to keep things interesting at training and keep our teams working together so the kids can have consistent team mates and develop the sense of team needed to carry you through life.

Our club has grown to 18 teams in 2017 to become one of the largest clubs in the association, a destination club where kids want to play basketball for fun!

Join the Wolfpack

We are always looking for helpers to get involved and be part of growing the club. If you would like to lend a hand please let us know! wolfpack@meltonbasketball.com.au