Short Story Competition

Stretch your writing muscles and you could share in more than $3000 worth of prizes in the Melton City Libraries Short Story Competition!

The Short Story competition is a great opportunity for budding writers of all ages to showcase their talent and have their work read by popular authors.

Entries can be submitted in any medium: text, print, illustration, video, verse, voice or combinations of any of the above. Entries should be no more than 3000 words for adults, 1500 words for junior and teen, or for other story formats, something that takes no more than 5 minutes to experience.

The competition will award the first, second and third prize entries in Junior, Teenage and Adult sections.

Competition runs: Monday 21 June - Monday 16 August 2021.

Enter online - Short Story Competition - Under 18

Enter online - Short Story Competition - Adult



Junior A Section (Prep - Year 3)*

1st Prize: $300

2nd Prize: $200

3rd Prize: $100

Junior B Section (Year 4 - Year 6)*

1st Prize: $300

2nd Prize: $200

3rd Prize: $100

Teenage Section (Year 7 - Year 12)*

1st Prize: $300

2nd Prize: $200

3rd Prize: $100

Adult Section (18 years )*

1st Prize: $750

2nd Prize: $500

3rd Prize: $250

*Best first time entry and highly commended prizes will also be awarded in each category.

In case of two winners in any category the first and second prize will be added to together and divided equally between the two winners and there will be a third prize.

Short Story Competition Conditions of Entry(PDF, 207KB)
Short Story Competition Conditions of Entry - plain text

Short Story Competition Prizes(PDF, 377KB)


This year's Short Story Competition judges are:

Michael Panckridge

Michael Panckridge

Inspired by his passion for sport and a desire to get reluctant readers engaged in books, Michael Panckridge put his mind to finding out what it is kids want to read.

In 2019, he finds himself the author of over 40 books – his work ranging from the best-selling Legends and Anniversary Legends series; the Toby Jones series, co-authored with Brett Lee, a rich blend of cricket and fantasy and The League of Legends series – rugby league action with the support of ex Australian captain, Laurie Daley.  

Later novels move away from sport. The Cursed, The Vanishings and The Immortal are adventure books with elements of mystery and intrigue that will keep the reader guessing.

Another series is The Book of Gabrielle – a sinister tale about a girl without a past and an extraordinary ability to see things others can’t.

There is also the immensely readable Clued Up series. Set in a country town, it’s a six-book series where a group of friends get involved in a series of mysteries and adventures – horses, moto-cross and dirt-bike riding, ghosts and UFOs are just some of the topics explored! 

With Penguin, Michael has authored two, four-book cricket series, celebrating the highly popular Big Bash and Women’s Big Bash Leagues. He also wrote the latest AFL Factivity book – a magazine style booklet filled with fun facts, games, quizzes, activities and stickers.

There’s also Be Bully Free – a practical, hands-on guide to help anyone who has experienced bullying. Initially locally published, it has now been picked up be a leading London publisher and is selling world-wide.

Michael's latest book, 44 Hours, is perhaps his most intriguing yet. It's a spine tingling and creepy thriller about a boy who is told he has just 44 hours to live... and there's a BIG twist in the tale. 

Ellie Marney

Ellie Marney is an award-winning YA author who has gone behind the scenes at the Westminster Mortuary in London and interviewed forensic and technical specialists around the world in pursuit of the perfect details for her brand of thrilling crime stories.

Her titles include Arlington Hall, None Shall Sleep, the Every trilogy, No Limits, White Night and the Circus Hearts series.  

Ellie has lived in Indonesia, India and Singapore, and is now based outside Melbourne with her family.  Find her at

Lee Kofman

Lee Kofman

Dr Lee Kofman spent ten years researching issues around body image and visible difference. She is also an author and editor of seven books.

In her most recent book, the critically acclaimed memoir Imperfect, she tells her story of growing up while suffering anguish about her body that was severely scarred during multiple childhood surgeries, and later in life raising a child with albinism. Drawing on Lee’s experience and research, Imperfect also explores how we can live a fulfilled life in an ‘imperfect’ body.

Lee is also a passionate and versatile teacher. She used to teach social sciences across three major universities, and for the last 13 years she has been regularly teaching a wide range of writing workshops all around Australia.

She is a candid, engaging and warm speaker about body image, visible differences, parenting and the art of writing. She also often discusses migration, having written extensively about her two migrations: from Russia to Israel, and later to Australia. And she is an experienced panel moderator, who has interviewed many well-known Australian and international authors. She speaks regularly at literary festivals, libraries, bookshops and in the media.


Junior A: Prep - Year 3

1st  Prize:  Anthony Huynh - The lost wand(PDF, 62KB)

2nd Prize:  Catherine Yan - The secret discovery of the octopus(PDF, 674KB)

3rd  Prize:  Sophia Paradowski - Isolation friends and the magical book tree(PDF, 477KB)   

Highly commended:  Kristina Labus – The maze of mirrors(PDF, 182KB)

First time entry award:  Dante Ford -  Dan’s moving house adventures(PDF, 1MB)

Junior B: Year 4 - Year 6

1st  Prize:  Samaira Venkat - Murder in the woods(PDF, 332KB)

2nd Prize:  Trisha Patel – The Land of Magia(PDF, 551KB)

3rd  Prize:  Yeseo Lee  - Sun and lightning(PDF, 242KB)

Highly commended:  Kyra Goveas - Journey to freedom(PDF, 118KB)

First time entry award: Callum Mai - The adventures of Potato Jo(PDF, 756KB)

Teenage: Year 7 - Year 12

1st Prize:  Yana Goetz – Time(PDF, 38KB)

2nd Prize: Tiana Piazzese - Recollections of war(PDF, 115KB)

3rd Prize:  Isabel Wilson - Personally I think you should die(PDF, 104KB)

Highly Commended:  Isabella MacPherson - End of the Line(PDF, 127KB)

1st time entry award:  Angelina Azmy– Genuine sanity(PDF, 77KB)

Adult: 18 years

1st Prize:  Katha Villanueva -  On living twice(PDF, 63KB)

2nd Prize: Chris Smith - Circles(PDF, 404KB)

3rd Prize: Cathy La - Year 3000(PDF, 106KB)

Highly commended:  Roy McPherson – Wanimuk Murrup(PDF, 56KB)

1st time entry award:  Nathan Fioritti – The natural order of things(PDF, 208KB)