Watching from Afar

Past Exhibition 

By: Susumu Matsuura and Thomas C. Chung
3 March – 29 April 2021 • During opening hours • CS Gallery 

Susumu Matsuura (Japan) and Thomas C. Chung (Australia) present an observational study of the cultural changes caused by COVID-19. Living in separate countries, they tackle the impact of social distancing in different contexts, both in their personal lives, and in the communities around them. Their work includes photographic prints, metal sculptures, animated video art and traditional printmaking with collage.

Susumu Matsuura specialises in silkscreen printmaking, has won several awards, and has exhibited work at JR Sapporo Station ART BOX, Japan; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan; Gallery PRÁM, Czech Republic.

Thomas C. Chung specialises in conceptual art, and has exhibited work at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Australia; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia; YIA Basel Art Centre, Switzerland.

Image: Thomas C. Chung “The Way It Once Was...” (I) 2019, photographic print.