Skylines and Storylines

Past Exhibition

Children's exhibition by Playable Streets

7 December 2021 - 6 March 2022 • During opening hours • CS Gallery 

Image: Playable Streets, Image from Sounding Stories project, 2017.

Involve your whole family in this vibrant exhibition designed by children who live in the City of Melton. Playable Streets has spent a year working with children from different pockets of the city to create art, audio stories and installations which uncover diverse experiences of growing up in a rapidly changing community. This exhibition is a celebration of local children’s voices, and a chance for families to play inside an immersive world of pictures, sound and stories.

Playable Streets is an artist’s collective who are re-imagining interactive art. At the heart of their work is the promotion of accessible and creative experiences that involve participants as co-designers in their artistic outcomes. Their broad range of multi-modal artworks have been experienced by thousands of people across Australia.

Children's art workshops

Children's art workshops – Kids Wonderland at CS Gallery!
Join hilarious performers and artists from Playable Streets on an adventure through a kids wonderland of the places, spaces, people and things that we love. Children will follow a storyline through pictures,  sounds and stories in the gallery, and then make their own artwork which will appear in the exhibition.

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Interactive online kids gallery!  

This interactive gallery presents and connects the wonderful drawings from children across the City of Melton, showing their favourite local place through their own eyes and creativity.

For the online gallery, drawings were collected from December 2020 to November 2021, through facilitated art workshops with Playable Streets and via online submissions to Melton City Council.

Enjoy a tour of the city through the eyes of the children who live here. Explore the interactive art gallery, and click on a few different artworks to see a range of interactive drawings. You might discover a local place that looks familiar, maybe it's one of your favourite parts of Melton too?     

Do your own drawing!

You might like to do your very own drawing workshop by following the video below. You will need coloured pencils and paper to participate.

For more information on the background to this project please head to the Melton Conversations Page.