Healing Exhibition

Tanderrum Dancing Ceremony Necklace

Past Exhibition 

By Cassie Leatham

Online Exhibition hosted by Melton City Council.

This precious exhibition of sacred healing art objects explores how ritual and spirituality can protect and nurture Aboriginal communities during challenging times, including during the global pandemic. Formidable Taungurung artist, master weaver and educator Cassie Leatham has lovingly crafted each art piece on display in this online exhibition, drawing on her ancestral knowledge to create contemporary work. Each piece is part of Cassie’s living practice, used on a regular basis to connect with country and ancestors. Her work centres Aboriginal healing wisdom and art as an essential practice to nurture strength and resilience.  

Cassie Leatham is from the Taungurung people from the Kulin Nation. She is an Indigenous artist, master weaver, traditional dancer, bushtukka woman and educator. She is extremely passionate about teaching her skills to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students of all ages. Her aim is to give participants the opportunity to learn and understand Aboriginal culture and develop knowledge of both historical and contemporary Aboriginal history. In July 2018, Cassie appeared on ABC’s Gardening Australia program, talking to presenter Millie Ross about how she uses indigenous plants in her culturally rich creations.

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of the Healing exhibition.

Healing exhibition photographs

Smudge Healing
Carrier| 2020

Healing Ceremony
Reed Necklace |

Possum Skin
Healing Ceremony
Bag | 2019

Healing Smudge
Wand | 2020

Dancing Ceremony
Necklace | 2017

Healing Reflections |

Healing Mat |

Basket of Owl
Medicine |

Sacred Healing
Cloak | 2019

Clap Sticks for
Healing Ceremony
| 2020

Crystal Healing
Necklace |

Snake Bone
Necklace | 2020

Clay Medicine
Pots | 2020

Clay Reed Necklace

Clay Reed
Necklace | 2020

For purchase enquiries, contact the artist:
Email: cassie@wildblakarts.com.au.