Asphalt works - Caroline Springs Blvd and Westwood Drive

Asphalt works on Caroline Springs Boulevard and Westwood Drive commenced in April 2018.

The works that occurred in April, May and June were programmed at strategic times to accommodate lower traffic volumes including school holidays, weekends and non peak periods. As a result the works were undertaken in stages which at times caused variable road conditions and Council apologises for any inconvenience caused to road users.

As of mid June the works are almost complete. Line marking and general site clean up will occur over the next couple of weeks however road users now have a new asphalt surface making driving more pleasant under all road conditions.

This asphalting works forms part of Council's annual asphalt works that identifies roads that are in need of resurfacing to ensure that roads within the municipality are maintained at a satisfactory service level.

Council invests approximately $3M annually on road resurfacing.