Western Plains South Green Wedge Management Plan

The City of Wyndham and the City of Melton together are preparing management plans for the Western Plains South Green Wedge (WPSGW). The management plans will provide a framework to support sustainable land use, land management and development of the WPSGW. As the WPSGW is spread over two municipalities, ultimately two management plans will be prepared. However, future use and development of the WPSGW will be guided by a single vision and shared principles underpinned by a Background Report(PDF, 5MB).

WPSGW within the city of Melton.png

The Background Report(PDF, 5MB) documents the findings of an initial information gathering study examining the current conditions within the WPSGW. The Background Report provides policy and geographical context and identifies issues and opportunities that can be developed further at the management plan stage.  

As part of the development of the background report, consultation was held between the 7 May – 11 June, 2018 and included informal drop in sessions.  A summary of feedback received can be downloaded below.

Western Plains South Green Wedge Consultation feedback summary(DOCX, 31KB)

The Background Report(PDF, 5MB) is available for download or a hard copy is available for inspection at the Melton Civic Centre, 232 High Street Melton.

Further information on the Western Plains South Green Wedge Management Plan project, please contact our City Strategy Team 9747 7200.