Stevenson House

Centre Address:
10 Stevenson Crescent, Caroline Springs, 3023

Centre Contact:

Stevenson House is an established Community Activity & Learning Centre featuring two multipurpose rooms and a training area. The centre offers an outlet for you to learn new and exciting things through programs, activities and events. Learning programs at Stevenson House are for all ages and are offered by local community members, local businesses as well as the Community Activation & Learning Officer who is based onsite.

Get involved in exercise classes, sewing classes, seniors groups, gardening groups, cooking classes and more. You’ll also find many special events held at Stevenson House throughout the year.

Please note: the Stevenson House newsletter will be made available upon Council's community facilities reopening to the public amid the coronavirus crisis.

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If you’re looking to hire any of the rooms at Stevenson House, visit our Venues for Hire page.

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Stevenson House is a registered ‘Neighbourhood House’. The centre is managed by council, however, receives strategic leadership, effective state-wide advocacy, quality research, and timely advice on relevant policy and legislative developments by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria. For more information, visit Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.