Westwood Drive Road and Bridge Construction

  • Project value$8.7m
  • Completion Date14 December 2018

 The construction of Westwood drive began in January 2018 and opened in December 2018.

The completion of Westwood Drive Road and Bridge between Tenterfield Drive and Fydler Avenue, is a critical road link in the Eastern Corridor, and will take significant pressure off Caroline Springs Boulevard and Gourlay Road.

Key features of this project will include:

  • 950m of new road (Tenterfield Drive to the bridge, then the bridge to Fydler Ave)
  • Bridge over the Kororoit Creek
  • 3m wide Shared User Path running on the eastern side of the road
  • Connection of existing footpaths on the western side of the road
  • Noise walls next to existing houses on the new section of road.

Work completed so far:

April 2016 - January 2018 - Approval process with VicRoads and the Department of Environment, Land, Planning and Water.

April 2017 – Westwood Drive noise wall design consultation

August 2017 - Archaeologists carried out salvaging works and investigations required under the approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan.

August 2017 - Councillors approved the preferred construction contractor and passed a motion that allowed officers to award the contract upon approval from the Minister for Planning.

November 2017 - Council received the approvals from the Minister for Planning that allowed the award of the construction contract.  

January 2018 – Zoologists carried out pre-construction spotlighting checks for the Growling Grass Frog and Striped Legless Lizards

January 2018 – Construction contractors begin work.

February 2018 – Noise wall footings began along with boxing of road and footpaths.

April 2018 – Work on the bridge began. Noise wall footings complete.

May 2018 – Southern abutment concrete poured. Noise wall posts began to be installed.

June 2018 – Northern abutment concrete poured. Asphalting and kerb completed on the northern section of road

July 2018 – Southern abutment poured and bridge beams installed

August 2018 – Kerb complete for the entire length of the project. Footpath and shared path concreting begins. Bus stops for PTV installed.

September 2018 – Bridge parapets installed and rock beaching under the bridge starts

October 2018 – Bridge painting begins and noise walls are complete.

December 2018 - Road opened.


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