Tarletons Road, Bonnie Brook

  • Completion Date31 January 2020

Project Value:    $1,297,000.

Tarletons Road was made up of a gravel road for a distance of approximately 3.2km.  It provided an east west connection from Leakes Road to Plumpton Road.

The upgrade works for this project included the widening and sealing of the gravel road to deliver the following benefits to the community:

  • A safer road environment that enables two-way traffic .
  • The construction of the road shoulder will provide vehicles travelling along the road a safe area to pull over.

 Construction commenced on 14 October 2019 and wase completed in January 2020.  The road widening and sealing is now complete. 

 The extension of the culvert on the Leakes Road end of the road is to commence on mid December 2019.