Lake Street, Caroline Springs Road Rehabilitation

  • Project scheduleCommencement: Monday 20 April 2020
  • Completion Date01 May 2020
Lake Street redevelopment site

Lake Street, between Caroline Springs Boulevard and Garretty Road, will be reconstructed as a part of Council’s road renewal program. A raised zebra crossing will also be constructed to improve pedestrian safety. 

• The section of road highlighted will be reconstructed with deep lift asphalt 

• The life of the existing road pavement will be extended and will result in a smoother and sturdier road 

• The existing zebra crossing will be raised to improve pedestrian safety. 

• The existing rubber road cushions will be reconstructed with asphalt 

• Concrete works will occur during the day while asphalt works will begin in the evening and continue through the night 

• All businesses will remain open throughout the works 


Lake Street, Caroline Springs 3023  View Map

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