Diggers Rest Road Changes

The Diggers Rest Precinct Structure Plan identified a number of road and intersection projects to support the further development of the Diggers Rest township.  Some of these projects, such as the new signalised intersection at Vineyard Road and Houdini Drive have been completed and are operational.

During 2018 further road and intersection works, as identified in the Diggers Rest Precinct Structure Plan, will be undertaken.  These works include:

  • Construction of a roundabout at Plumpton Road and License Road;
  • Extension of License Road through to Vineyard Road;
  • Construction of a roundabout at Vineyard Road and License Road;
  • Closure of Plumpton Road at Vineyard Road; and
  • Construction of a signalised pedestrian crossing of Vineyard Road (in the vicinity of the recreation reserve).

The extension of License Road to Vineyard Road and the construction of a roundabout at this intersection integrates the new areas of Diggers Rest to the established community facilities in Plumpton Road (school and sporting facilities).  A roundabout at this location also provides a controlled intersection for vehicles from both the established areas to the east of Vineyard Road and the new areas to the west of Vineyard Road to access Vineyard Road and each of these areas, with the roundabout controlling speed and minimising vehicle conflict. 

The implementation of the road and intersection work will be undertaken by the developers of the Bloomdale Estate in accordance with City of Melton requirements and the Diggers Rest Precinct Structure Plan.  The works will be staged to minimise disruption to traffic and as Vineyard Road is part of the VicRoads road network, works on Vineyard Road will also be in accordance with VicRoads requirements.  The detailed timing of works will be determined when approvals have been finalised.

In addition to the above planned works Council has recently completed a review of traffic volumes and speeds within existing Diggers Rest township roads, which has followed the completion of many traffic control devices within the Diggers Rest township.