Organisational structure

CEO and Executive Leadership Team

Our organisational structure is changing.

We are reorganising ourselves to maximise our ability to focus on delivery of our Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021 - 2025(PDF, 6MB)

Council’s new organisational structure is forming itself largely under four Directorates created at the end of November 2022.

The four Directorates are:
  • Organisational Performance
  • City Life
  • City Futures
  • City Delivery

Our Executive Leadership Team is led by the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer reports to Council and is responsible for the day to-day operations of Melton City Council and, in particular, implementing Council decisions, providing timely advice to Council and achieving Council’s goals in accordance with the Council and Wellbeing Plan and approved budget. 

As we continue to reorganise our organisation to meet the needs of our community now and into the future, we will add more context to explain our new structure.

Our Executive Leadership Team:

Roslyn Wai – Chief Executive Officer

Peter Leersen - Director Organisational Performance (Chief Financial Officer)

Troy Scoble - Director City Life

Sam Romaszko - Director City Futures

Neil Whiteside - Director City Delivery 

Luke Shannon - Executive Lead Strategic Initiatives