Nuisance cats

If your neighbour's cat is causing a problem, talk to them. They may not even know, and it is their responsibility to keep their cat contained in their property.

Make sure there is no food in your garden and do not offer food to stray cats.

You have the right to report to Council when cats are trespassing on your property. You also have the right to humanely trap a cat that is on your property. 

Who's for Cats?

There are millions stray and feral cats in Australia.

Thousands of cats are impounded, and the majority of these have to be euthanised (put to sleep) due to poor health, or because a suitable home cannot be found for them.

The 'Who's for Cats' campaign aims to educate the community about the consequences of feeding stray cats and the impact it is having on the cat population problem.

For more details refer to Who's for Cats?.

Cat traps

You can hire a cat trap if you have a nuisance cat problem at your property.

Cat traps are available for hire at a cost of $55 from the Melton Pound located at 90-92 High Street, Melton.  The hire fee is fully refundable upon return of the trap.

To hire a cat trap, contact Customer Service on 9747 7200.