Resale shop


33 Ferris Road, Cobblebank (formerly Melton South: Melway 343 H1)


Open 7 days from 8am - 4.30pm daily.  The Resale Shop features a dedicated drop-off zone, a large area indoors to accommodate furniture, and a sheltered outdoor section for materials such as timber, doors, metal, plumbing supplies, bricks and tiles.

The Resale Shop is a reuse-and-recycle initiative that enables anyone to declutter their homes by donating household items that are in resaleable condition.

Items that are generally accepted for resale

  • furniture - indoor and outdoor 
  • electrical/electronic goods including working flat-screen digital TVs and working computers
  • bicycles and foot scooters
  • building products such as de-nailed timber, doors, metal, bricks, tiles and plumbing fixtures
  • toys, prams and cots
  • books, vinyl records, CD music, commercial VHS and DVD movies 
  • clothing, shoes, handbags 
  • kitchenware; crockery and appliances
  • gardening goods including tools and working lawnmowers
  • pet carriers and kennels
  • leisure goods such as golf clubs
  • other resaleable household items, craft materials etc

All electrical items for sale are untested and are tagged in accordance with the Electrical Safety Act 1998. Ensure your items are tested by a qualified electrician before use.

Items that are not accepted

  • Large whitegoods such as fridges, washing machines and dryers
  • Outdated electronic goods including analogue TVs, VHS players and computers
  • Baby capsules, baby seats
  • Bicycle or motorbike helmets.

It's free to drop them off at the transfer station. These goods will be dismantled and recycled by specialists.   

Would you buy it yourself?

All items must be in good resaleable condition (and working where applicable). Items that are dirty, damaged/broken, have missing parts, or are very outdated (retro excepted) should be taken to the transfer station for disposal.

Note: if there is too much of a particular item in the Resale Shop, staff may not be able to accept them. In this case we suggest you contact local op shops, or advertise your items via local buy/swap/sell/freebie options.

Buying an item

Purchases may be paid for in cash or by EFTPOS ($10 minimum).

Still not sure if you donate it?  Refer to our A-Z guide for your home.

For more information, contact our Waste Services team on 9747 7200, or the Melton Recycling Facility directly on 03 9747 5902.