Unwind, Colourful Mind

Lukas Kasper - Unwind, Colourful Mind


An exhibition by Lukas Kasper

Tuesday 19 December 2023 – Tuesday 27 February 2024

Lukas Kasper explores a mesmerizing fusion of the subconscious with external inspirations in this compelling exhibition. The artist's ever-changing creative process refuses a singular narrative, inviting viewers to interpret and construct their own personal connections to the artwork.

Inspired by street art, the collection serves as a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the artist's journey over the past three years in Melbourne. From weathered warehouse studios to internal battles with mental health, animals, nature, skateboarding, and fleeting influences, each piece reflects a unique facet of this artistic odyssey.

Having cultivated a substantial body of work, Lukas now feels ready to unveil this collection to the world, aiming to share the profound emotions and experiences embedded in each creation.

About Lukas Kasper

Lukas Kasper is an artist residing in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in painting murals while also maintaining a studio practice with a design background, his passion for art began in 2009 influenced by street art, graffiti and skateboarding culture.

The motive behind Lukas' work has matured over time now focusing primarily on mental health, animals, and the environment. He employ a series of painting techniques and distinct visuals to seamlessly merge these worlds, showcasing a unique display of my traditional street art stylings, adaptive colour usage, native flora and fauna, surrounding inspirations, and flowing line work.

Lukas has painted large-scale murals, exhibited artwork, created designs for major corporations or prominent enterprises, completed artist residencies, created high quality art video productions and facilitated workshops in various parts of the world including but not limited to: Australia, America, Canada, Indonesia, and Thailand. 



Visit during opening hours • CS Gallery (193-201 Caroline Springs Blvd. Caroline Springs VIC 3023)

Image Credit: Lukas Kasper, Grandmas Garden, acrylic on carved recycled skateboards, 2021.