Flow State

Past Exhibition 

An exhibition by local artist Bryce Holywell

From 23 June 2020 • During opening hours • Melton Library and Learning Hub

This exhibition by local artist Bryce Holywell explores the connections between art and therapy, using meditative traditions of mandala art to dive deep into the workings of the mind.  Bryce's fluid mandala drawings chart his personal experience of overcoming mental illness through meditative awareness, otherwise known as the 'flow state'. 

Wander through this exhibition for your own moment of calmness in the day.

Bryce Holywell is a digital artist and graphic designer from Melton, who holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts.  After starting work as a junior designer, he was hospitalised 5 times in 5 years for Manic Bipolar.  This life changing period led Bryce to incorporate the practice of meditative drawing into his art and design work, which contributed to improving his mental health.