MacPherson Park Redevelopment

  • Project value$12.3M

The redevelopment of MacPherson Park stems from a November 2017 Future Directions Master PlanEstablished in the mid 1970’s, MacPherson Park is City of Melton’s principal recreational reserve, servicing clubs and teams from the local and broader region. The reserve is 98 hectares in size and is located 6.9 kilometres north of the Melton Township, on Coburns Road, Toolern Vale (Melways Ref – 330 H8). The site is located outside of the Melbourne Urban Growth Boundary and is surrounded by rural development, with the closest residential development located almost two kilometres to the south.

 MacPherson Park has historically been well utilised by a range of sport and recreational groups over the years. Groups currently in residence are:

  • Melton Football Club (AFL)
  • Melton Cricket Club
  • Melton Greyhound Racing Club
  • Melton Rugby Union Football Club
  • Melton Rugby League Club
  • Melton Racing Pigeon Club
  • Melton & District Adult Riding Club
  • Melton & District Pony Club
  • Warranooke Riding Club
  • Friends of Melton Equestrian Park
  • Melton Phoenix Soccer Club
  • Melton Wolves Gridiron Club
  • Melton Dog Obedience Club
  • North Western Titans Baseball Club
  • Victorian Blokart Association

MacPherson Park Soccer Car Park and Northern Access Road

The unsealed Soccer carpark at Macpherson Park and connecting road within the sporting reserve in the of municipality of Melton City Council has been upgraded. The Australian Government provided Council with a grant to construct these projects out of its Local Roads and Community Infrastructure stimulus program. These projects will involve the formalisation of this carparks to Australian Standards.

The upgrade works involved:

  • Sealing the soccer carpark
  • New landscaping with passive irrigation
  • Installing Lighting within the carpark
  • Installing Black perimeter fencing
  • Pedestrian crossing for better pedestrian movement within the carpark
  • Upgrading the northern access road into MacPherson Park
  • Upgrading access road directly into the soccer carpark
  • Adding new line marked speedhumps along the length of the access road
  • Solar lighting along the access road

The project also modifies existing infrastructure such as services, drainage pits, driveways, pram crossings and streetlights.

Black perimeter fencing and solar lighting along the access road are expected to be completed by completed by end of January 2023.  

Stage 2

Construction of the MacPherson Park Soccer Pavilion has been completed.

The new pavilion has been constructed across two buildings, doubling the size of the previous facility, and includes:

  • undercover public viewing stands for around three-quarters of the length of the pitch 
  • disabled access down to the fence line
  • ·new kitchen, bar and social rooms
  • four home and away, and two referee, changerooms
  • full solar system, allowing the building to be blackout proof
  • rainwater harvesting system for irrigation and amenity use
  • upgraded water pressure pumps to future proof MacPherson Park for other pavilion projects
  • new waste system.

Stage 1

Works commenced in January 2019 and were completed in June 2020.

 The scope of works for Stage 1 included: 

  • Two story (1068m2 GFA) sports pavilion for football, cricket and netball
  • Establish services infrastructure including
    • Power services upgrade
    • Sewer upgrade
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • PV Cells
    • Conduits for future communications
    • New Septic System (via nominated sub-contractor)
  • New bitumen carpark servicing new pavilion
  • New multi-purpose synthetic oval with 100 lux metal halide lighting
  • New netball court with 100 lux metal halide lighting
  • 1/3 size training netball court
  • Sheds to accommodate cricket storage and Pigeon Club
  • New netball shelter and relocate existing shelter
  • Landscaping including:
    • Standard and exposed aggregate concrete paving
    • Asphalt
    • Hard wearing turf
    • Hydro-seeding
    • Granitic gravel
    • Mulch garden beds
    • Trees, Plants
    • Seating, Bike Hoops
  • Site Preparation elements including:
    • Demolition of part of existing entry road and make good
    • Demolition of existing caretakers cottage including sheds/tanks
    • Demolition of existing cricket sheds and cricket nets
    • Removal of mounding to make way for the pavilion

The Stage 1 project is a $12.3M project which will revitalise the eastern aspect of MacPherson Park and deliver part of the Future Directions Master Plan. External funding of $2M is being provided by the Victorian State Government through the Growing Suburbs Fund and $100,000 from AFL Victoria towards the costs. 


 MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve Soccer Pavilion COVIDSafe Checklist(PDF, 65KB)

MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve Stage One opening COVIDSafe Checklist(PDF, 67KB)





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