Melton Weir Parkland

The Melton Weir Development Committee has been formed to guide the planning and development of parkland adjoining the Melton Weir and to consider potential provisions of amenities such as playgrounds, viewing platforms, boardwalks, walking trails and their connection to existing and future urban areas.

This project is being undertaken in partnership with Southern Rural Water who own and manage the water body and equally with the traditional owners of the land who both have a role on the committee.

The Melton Weir Development Committee is expected to meet either virtually or in person six times a year to assist Council in:

  • Developing a plan that considers opportunities and improvement works to ensure our community can achieve a higher level of social, economic and environmental benefit from the Melton Weir.
  • To ensure any plan respects, understands and considers the interests and requirements of the traditional owners of the land.
  • To guide Council on its vision to have the Melton Weir identified as a tourism destination, recreational and scenic asset of regional significance.
  • To connect and understand community aspirations and expectations for the use and enjoyment of the Melton Weir.
  • To improve the walking path/cycle connections to and from parklands lining the Melton Weir and Werribee River to existing and future urban areas.
  • To explore and consider funding opportunities to implement Council’s vision and plan for parkland, pathway and amenity improvements adjoining and connecting to the Melton Weir.
  • To support the promotion and awareness of the community and stakeholders on the vision and plan improvements for the Melton Weir.

In 2005 Council completed the Melton Reservoir Development Strategy which held similar aspirations to develop the Melton Weir and its surrounds as a significant recreational and environmental asset. At the time the entire surrounds of the Melton Weir remained undeveloped and the context for the 2005 Strategy provided a rural landscape setting surrounding the eastern edge of the reservoir. This has changed considerably with the entire eastern side of the Melton Weir now with plans in place for new residential estates separated by linear parkland, along the entire eastern side of the water body.

This will offer stunning views for the adjoining homes and a future parkland extending from Clarkes Road through to the Weir wall/Exford Road.