Cr Steve Abboushi

Steve Abboushi has been a City of Melton resident for 12 years and during that time has, as a volunteer, mentored and taught highly disadvantaged young people life skills to help them lead productive lives.

He has a Bachelor in Criminal Justice Administration and has worked in the State Government and not-for-profit sector.

Steve and his wife Mariasol, a nurse at the local hospital, have two sons: Rafael (7) and Orlando (3).

He is passionate about ensuring our community’s most vulnerable and disenfranchised residents have a voice and are represented in key Council issues. He is particularly interested in relieving the cost of living pressures faced by residents.

He loves this community – the parks, gardens and lakes – and is proud of the achievements and passion of this City’s residents.

Cr Abboushi was elected to Council in 2016 and will serve as Deputy Mayor for the 2019/20 term. 

Contact Cr Abboushi

0437 231 680
Facebook: /CrAbboushi