Abandoned/unregistered vehicles

Council does not have the power to remove vehicles that are on private property.

If you notice a vehicle left for an extended amount of time in the street, nature strip or Council reserve within the City of Melton and you believe that it is either unregistered or abandoned, contact us on 9747 7200.

A Local Laws Officer will investigate and place a sticker on the vehicle requesting the owner to move the vehicle. The Officer will follow up after the notice has expired in either seven days or 24 hours if it is placed in a dangerous location.

At this time, Council may remove any unregistered or abandoned vehicle left on Council Land. Unclaimed vehicles impounded by Council will be sold or destroyed.

For burnt out vehicles please contact your local police station.

Advertising cars for sale

Council does not permit anyone to advertise vehicles for sale on Council land including roads, nature strips, or Council reserves. Local Laws Officers conduct regular patrols and may issue fines.

If you are advertising a vehicle for sale you can park it in your driveway, on your front lawn (not nature strip) or on other private property with the landowner or occupier’s permission.

Recreational vehicles

To complain about trail bike riders contact the Victoria Police Special Solos Unit on 9380 7356 or your local police station.