A-Z Guide - Service providers

Use this guide to work out what to do with items once you've finished with them. 

Service providers

CCL Civic centres
or Libraries
SM Contact a private scrap metal recycler
DYH Detox your Home SR Contact a private specialty recycler
PDOS Permanent Drop-off Site at the TS SUP Coles/Woolworths soft plastics bins
RE Retailers TC Terracycle (terracycle.com.au)
RS Resale Shop at the MRF TS Transfer Station at the MRF

'Return Unwanted Medicines'
scheme operates at most chemists

UP UniPod

MRF: Melton Recycling Facility: 33 Ferris Road, Cobblebank (Melton South) TEL:9747 5902
RESALE SHOP: It's always free to drop off reusable goods at the Resale Shop.