Transfer Station


33 Ferris Road, Cobblebank (formerly Melton South: Melway 343 H1)
Phone number: 9747 5902


Open 7 days from 8am. Last entry is by 4.30pm: please ensure you allow enough time to unload and exit before gates close.

The Facility is open every day of the year except Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day.

 Conditions of entry to the Melton Recycling Facility(PDF, 254KB)

Homeowners and renters may use the Transfer Station at the Melton Recycling Facility (MRF)  twice a year with a car/station wagon/single axle trailer (to water level) using their rates notice entitlements, valid for 12 months from 01 July each year*. Vans/utes/double axle trailers (to water level) are eligible for a single visit. Gate fees apply to further visits and to other types of vehicles such as larger trailers. Trucks are not permitted. The City of Melton's gate fees are reviewed each year and remain among the lowest  in metropolitan Melbourne. 

* Residents should always refer to their rates notice for details of entitlements and relevant expiry dates. 

The Transfer Station accepts two types of "waste":

Household materials such as mattresses, green waste, e-waste, concrete, clean fill, timber, metals, engine/motor oil (household quantities in maximum 6L containers), tyres and kerbside commingled recyclables. These items are processed for specialist recycling where possible, or disposed of if necessary, in accordance with environmental and legislative requirements.

Household residual waste consists of materials that cannot be recycled. It is transported to the Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL: also known as "the tip") in Ravenhall, owned and operated by waste company Cleanaway. Residual waste taken from our Transfer Station to the MRL is charged by volume, and is determined by transportation costs and the State Government landfill levy, which has risen by around 50% in the past five years. This is just one of several reasons to recycle as much of our unwanted household materials as possible.  


The following fees apply as of 1 July 2017. We reserve the right to make necessary changes to fees and entitlements, and notify the community of these changes.

Residents are provided with disposal entitlements from 1 July each year. The disposal entitlements can be used for two visits (where single vouchers apply) to the Melton Recycling Facility OR one at-call Hard waste collection service (using both unused vouchers). Entitlements expire annually on 30 June.

Loads Cost
Car / Boot load (or equivalent) (sedan) $20
 Station wagon (or equivalent) $30
Van $90
Small trailer, utility or equivalent (to water level) $40
Small trailer, utility or equivalent (heaped load) $70
 Small trailer, utility or equivalent (high sides) $80
 Large trailer or equivalent (to water level) $65
Large trailer or equivalent (heaped load) $90
Large trailer or equivalent (high sides) $140
Mattress (per piece) $30
Bulk rubbish (per cubic metre) $100
Rock/rubble (per cubic metre) $100

Tyres (per tyre)

Car tyre $10
Car tyre (with rims) $12
Light truck tyres $15
Light truck and 4WD tyre (with rims) $17
Truck tyre up to 1100mm $30

Other tyres

 Small tractor not accepted
 Large tractor not accepted
 Earthmover not accepted


Please note:

Surcharge of $2 each applies to tyres on rims. Heavy earthmoving, grader or tractor tyres are not accepted.

Please note that The Melton Recycling Facility is designed for residential use only. Trucks are not permitted.


here's Something to think about

You can help protect the environment, keep our neighbourhoods great and save money on transfer station fees, by taking unwanted but reusable items to the Resale Shop. It's open 7 days a week, year round, just off the Western Freeway at 33 Ferris Rd, Cobblebank (formerly Melton South).

Landfill is always the last option in resource management. Reducing waste by reusing and recycling means fewer resources are needed to make new products in the future. Plus, the Resale Shop is a great place to grab a bargain! 

have questions?

Melton Recycling Facility: (TEL 9747 5902) or Council's Customer Service: (TEL 9747 7200).