Litter and abandoned trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Found a trolley on a street, in a park or creek? Please report it to the trolley hotlines, not to Council. Please check for store identification on the trolley. Then provide a description of the trolley location by contacting the relevant collection service as follows.

Woolworths, Big W, IGA, Dan Murphy, Masters:

- call "Trolley Tracker" on 1800 641 497

- report online at Valid submissions go into a monthly reward draw.

Coles, KMart, Bunnings, Officeworks, Bi-Lo, 1st Choice:

- call "1800 TROLLEY" (1800 876 553)

- report online at Coles abandoned trolleys

- report using the iPhone app "Trolley Collect".

Target trolleys can be reported to either of the above collection services.

Aldi trolleys can be reported on 13 25 34.

It is an offence to abandon trolleys. Your assistance helps improves our streetscapes and public safety, keeps valuable resources safe and deters other anti-social behaviours such as dumping and vandalism.

What is litter?

Litter is one of our major environmental problems. It is anything left where it is not meant to be, and includes illegal dumping of any materials.

Did you know? Littering and dumping includes:

  • rubbish, TVs and furniture put on naturestrips/roadsides and outside charity "op" shops etc
  • soil and other building materials left outside a construction site
  • putting household or business rubbish in a public litter bin
  • advertising material placed under windscreen wipers
  • notices and posters placed on buildings, poles etc without prior permission
  • rubbish thrown from motor vehicles (incurs a fine of over $300 by the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria)
  • cigarette butts, live or extinguished (incurs a fine of over $600 by the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria).

TVs and computers can be dropped off for free at the Re-Sale Centre (Melton Recycling Facility), if recent model, digital/flat screen and in working order. Older machines and/or those not in working condition can be taken to the transfer station onsite at no charge. This service is for household quantities and is free when only dropping off these items - gate fees or use of eligible rates notices apply to other materials.

The impact of littering in the City of Melton

In an average year, close to 800 tonnes of illegally dumped litter is collected in the City of Melton. Council's litter prevention and education officer investigates reports of littering each and every day, but, like any City with the geographic spread and rapid growth of ours, we need your help.

You can call us to report sightings or complete the Litter Reporting form(DOC, 664KB). The form enables you to send us information that could lead to a fine or prosecution of someone who has littered or dumped. Photographs and numberplates are very useful; just be sure to never risk your own safety by trying to obtain information or by confronting litterers.

Remember, it's important you don't touch or move dumped materials yourself.

Litter damages the environment and our health

Litter on our streets gets into gutters and finds its way into creeks, rivers and oceans. Plastic breaks down but only into smaller pieces which wildlife can mistake for food. Litter leaches chemicals into waterways over time.

You can hep by getting into good habits of buying products with less packaging (for example, avoid individually packaged single items). And always bring your own re-usable carry bag. Choose to take your waste home if public bins are not available. We all need to take responsibility for waste we create, even if the product we bought came with excessive wrapping!

Dumped materials can also be harmful to human health, especially if they contain dangerous substances. If you come across unknown chemicals or materials you think may be asbestos - do not attempt to handle or clean them up. Instead, contact Council immediately on 9747 7200. An experienced staff member will attend to the site as soon as possible to assess the dumped items.

If you have household items to dispose of, check out the Melton Recycling Facility. Take items that can be re-used to the Resale Centre, also on site, at no charge.

Litter fines

If you commit a littering offence you can be fined from one to sixty penalty units. In money terms, that starts at $152 and could exceed $9,000. Council takes littering seriously as this behaviour adversely affects the environment and the amenity of our community spaces. Furthermore, the mindset of littering often leads to dumping behaviours and hazards. Offenders may be summoned to appear in court. The Environment Protection Authority of Victoria may also become involved.

Melton City Council Litter Strategy

Melton City Council is creating a Litter Strategy, coordinated by its litter prevention and education officer. The strategy will include education, prosecution and a review of litter bin locations and other litter receptacles.

Join others in preventing littering

Join the many schools, community groups, scouts and other concerned residents on Clean Up Australia Day for a rewarding annual community event. In a typical year, over half a million volunteers clean up over 7,000 sites across the nation. You're invited to come and be part of the solution!


The risks of asbestos are well-known by most people these days, but would you be able to accurately identify it and keep yourself safe if you came across dumped asbestos in your neighbourhood? Just one exposure can be harmful, so don't risk it.

The state government has compiled an informative website, Asbestos in Victoria that includes health facts, guidelines for home renovators, and details of qualified removalists., as well as regulations governing the management of asbestos. The site also features interactive tools that guide home owners, builders and tradesmen on safely removing asbestos. You can also find maps of landfills licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to receive asbestos.