FAQs Waste and Recycling

The Melton Recycling Facility (MRF)

What materials can I take to the MRF?

The MRF accepts most types of recyclable resources and household garbage except food waste. It consists of the Transfer Station, Resale Shop, and Permanent Drop-off Site. Each receives specific materials, and staff will guide you when you arrive. Remember, landfill is always the last resort. You can learn more about these services on the MRF web pages.  

Why do I have to pay at the MRF? Are the fees really necessary? 

As the MRF functions solely as a transfer station, extra costs are incurred to transport materials to specialised recyclers or to landfill.

In addition, residual waste (waste disposed of in landfill) incurs state government fees, which impact upon MRF gate fee prices. Within just five years, the State Government increased the levy from $9 per tonne to $60. So it isn’t always possible to keep our fees the same from one year to the next.

Melton City Council has some of the lowest fees in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Plus, every household receives two entitlements (on rates notices) each year to use the MRF or the hard waste collection service.

You can minimise your waste by only buying what you need, and by taking reusable household goods to the Resale Shop.

And remember, it's free to drop off kerbside recyclables - paper, glass, plastic containers, steel, tin and aluminium containers - at the transfer station.

Do I need my rates notice to use the transfer station at the MRF?

If you wish to use your rates’ entitlement vouchers when you visit the MRF, please bring any rates notice from the current financial year. The gatehouse operator will check that your property is eligible for the current financial year and will record your visit electronically.

If you have either already used your vouchers (for previous drop-offs or for a hard waste collection service from your home) or if they have expired, you will need to pay the applicable transfer station gate fee. The same applies to non-residents.      

Is the MRF just for City of Melton residents?

The MRF is open to anyone to recycle or dispose of household materials, whether living in the City of Melton or not. Homeowners and renters living in our City are entitled to up to two free visits per financial year.

Cars including station wagons and utes, and single and double axle trailers are welcome. No commercial quantities of waste or recyclables can be accepted.  

Remember, it's always free to drop off reusable household items at the Resale Shop on site.

Why call it “the Recycling Facility” and not “the Tip?”

Back when the sorting of waste was far more basic than today, most materials simply got buried underground in tips. Limited landfill still exists today as industry has not yet found ways to recyclable all materials, and new packaging continues to be designed for which we don't yet have sustainable solutions.

The distinction in terminology is more important than you may think. A “tip” means landfill. A "recycling facility" is focussed on ensuring materials are recycled wherever possible. Extracting steel, glass, timber, rubber and other materials for reuse makes a lot more environmental and economic sense than using raw new materials each time.    

When is the MRF open? What about the Resale Shop?

The MRF is open 7 days a week, 8am-4.30pm, excepting New Years Day, Good Friday, ANZAC Day and Christmas Day.    

Gates close at 4.30pm sharp, so please ensure you allow sufficient time to drop off reusable goods at the Resale Shop, complete your transaction at the gatehouse, unload at various points in the transfer station and exit the facility.

The Resale Shop is situated within the Melton Recycling Facility and is open the same hours as the MRF. 

Council provides free mulch to residents, so why isn’t it free to dispose of green waste?

Free mulch is offered to the community when available. It is derived from our city’s parks and gardens, and this maintenance program can vary seasonally.

Disposal of green waste by residents is a user-pays service because the material is transported off-site to be treated and transformed into compost and mulch for commercial purposes. 

What can I do with chemicals?

The state government runs a program throughout the year for the safe disposal of many chemicals, poisons, glues and solvents. Each council hosts one collection per year, but anyone can use any event across Victoria. Check Sustainability Victoria for details.

Hard Waste Collection Service

How do I access the hard waste collection service? Do I need a rates notice?

Simply contact Council on 9747 7200 and request a collection. Your use of the service will be recorded electronically at the time of making your booking (you no longer need to provide a rates notice).

Tenants may use the service, as well as home owners.

Why can't I use my rates vouchers after 30 June each year?

Home owners and tenants are given a full 12 months to use their entitlements each year. (Tenants can use the service by providing proof of current residency.) Like any vouchers, once the entitlements expire, they are no longer valid.

New vouchers are issued each financial year. If you are a homeowner and have not yet received these, you may show your outgoing year’s rates notice at the MRF gatehouse for a limited time after 30 June.

Why is the hard waste collection limited to three cubic metres?

The three cubic metre limit (3m x 1m x 1m or equivalent) allowance is the same as two single axle trailer loads at water level and therefore also requires two entitlements to be used. This keeps the service equitable for all users.

Note that we also accept up to two mattresses (normally charged at $30 each at the transfer station) along with other materials presented within the collection limit.

What can I put out in my hard waste collection?

The at-call hard waste collection service is for household goods and materials. Items in reusable condition are dropped off at the Resale Shop at the Melton Recycling Facility (MRF) at 33 Ferris Rd, Cobblebank. That also makes it a great place to grab a bargain!

Items that cannot be collected - such as building and putrescible waste - can be taken to the MRF. Please check our Hard waste information web page or call us with any specific queries.

Why can't I put my hard waste onto the nature strip, like in other council areas?

To have your collection picked up, items must be presented from within your property boundary, such as a driveway or front yard.

Materials on the nature strip make a neighbourhood unsightly and invites scavengers. It also invites other residents to contribute to your pile of unwanted goods. This can mean that the items you've put out may miss out on getting collected!

Kerbside bins

I've just moved in to a new property. How do I get wheelie bins?

Whether you are moving into a newly built home as the first owner, or into an existing property, please call Council’s Customer Service Unit on 9747 7200. Have proof of residency ready. New homes require a certificate of Owner Occupancy to receive bins. 

There are several options in bin sizes to choose from, including a ‘green bin’ for garden clippings, roots and branches. Check bins and kerbside collections to help you work out which combination of bins is best for your household.

My bin is damaged or missing. How can I get it replaced and do I have to pay?

Please contact us on 9747 7200 if your bin is damaged, to arrange for repair or replacement, usually at no cost to you. Please note that all bins remain the property of Council, and that your damaged bin will be removed. 

Bin missing? Please check first with your neighbours in case they have mistakenly brought your bins onto their property. It may also be worth checking nearby parklands or carparks. As every bin has its own serial number, Council may be able to identify your missing bin at a later date.

If your bin is still missing, please call us and we will arrange for a replacement, usually done within a few days.

Litter and dumping

 There’s constantly litter in my street from a neighbour's overflowing bins. What can be done?

All kerbside bins must have their lids fully closed. Please contact us on your waste collection day to report street litter from bins. If it's caused by windy weather, we can ask our service providers to clean up the street that day.

We appreciate members of the community letting us know about significant litter. If it's an ongoing issue, Council can write to the resident of the property that is causing the litter problem. Overfilled bins may be referred to the Local Laws department, and the householder may be required to clean up mess from their bins.

How can I report dumped rubbish and what will Council do about it?

You can report dumped rubbish to us during business hours on 9747 7200. This includes large items such as mattresses and televisions. Please provide us with the location and whether the rubbish is a hazard.

Additional details such as the number plate, type of vehicle, date, time and other identification of the dumper are also useful, but only if you can obtain this information safely. It is important that you do not approach dumpers or touch the rubbish (this may make any evidence inadmissible in court).

You can call us on 9747 7200 to report sightings or complete the Litter Reporting form(DOC, 664KB) if you witness dumping occurring. The form enables you to send us information that could lead to a fine or prosecution of someone who has littered or dumped.