Back to Earth Initiative

Ever wondered what happens to your green waste after it’s been collected from your kerbside bin?

Melton is one of eleven councils in Melbourne’s north and west to benefit from a specialised organics recycling facility at Bulla.

The facility, built in 2013 and operated by Veolia Environmental Services, uses "in-vessel" composting technology to process organic waste. It can process 85,000 tonnes a year, making it the largest of its kind in Victoria.

Sending green waste to landfill is a missed opportunity. Properly treated kerbside green waste will produce valuable compost, mulch and soil additives that can be used in agriculture, horticulture, and community parks and gardens. Residents can play their part in taking their green waste ‘back to earth’ by keeping out items like plastic bags, garden hoses, bricks and soil and other rubbish.

It's the perfect time to check you're using your bins correctly.

Discover the journey green waste takes and how to get your green waste ‘back to earth’ at

Southern African plants doing well in compost recycled from your kerbside green waste

Helping everyone use their bins correctly to contribute to compost resources is part of a great community partnership with industry. The Back to Earth Initiative is helping some special plants grow in our very own Botanic Garden (cnr Williams and Tullidge Sts, Melton). Plants native to southern African countries have been sourced from nurseries and suppliers across the state, with expert input from a landscape designer and South African expatriates.

Fine grade compost from the Veolia facility has been incorporated into a series of dedicated garden beds in 10% increments. During the trial, the Garden's volunteers monitored plant health and growth in each Southern African garden bed. Now that the area is established, you can easily see for yourself just how much difference good quality compost can make.

This project was funded through the Victorian Government's Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund.

The project also demonstrates just how important it is to 'get it right on bin night' by only putting acceptable garden materials into your kerbside green bin. If you currently do not have a green bin and would like one, please visit our kerbside bin collections page.

You can enjoy a self-guided tour, a picnic or simply a leisurely wander through the Melton Botanic Garden anytime. Car parking is available off Lakewood Blvd. There is also a thriving plant nursery with sales to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-1pm, and every second and fourth Sunday, also 10am-1pm. Other times are by appointment. You are welcome to park in the Depot carpark at 21 Williams St for best access to the nursery.